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SSTT Ltd., has the team and technology to provide solutions and visual aids to subsea projects. We can interpret your project issues and with our team of Engineers, Subsea Specialists and AutoCAD Designers - we can provide you with a solution storyboard to any subsea problem. We can illustrate exactly HOW we are going to fix your problem and have learnt through the years that the visual solution storyboard can ensure that EVERYONE is on the same page. A solution can be found only when EVERYONE understands the problem.

Examples such as the below can ensure absolute clarity and can lead to a smooth project.

Consulting & Engineering

SSTT Ltd., Consulting & Engineering (“C & E”) business line provides Subsea Project Management, Subsea Project Support Services, Subject Matter experts (SME) and client representation. Founded as Delta Marine Technologies in 2004, C & E has expanded from one client to now having over fifty (50) MSAs with leading offshore construction and E & P companies.  C & E personnel have extensive experience managing and supporting some of the most challenging and complex projects around the world.


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