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SSTT Ltd., is exemplified in the history of its Principal, Mr. Scott Dingman, who has over 28 years of experience in the offshore oilfield. Starting with Sub Sea International, Inc. (SSII) in the early 80's as a tender, he worked his way up thru the diving division as a Grade 3 diver and quickly rose to Senior Grade 1 Diver. From there moved upward into the position of Offshore Superintendent, running some of the largest turnkey projects Sub Sea had at that time.

In 1997, SSII closed its doors and Mr. Dingman moved to Cal Dive as one of their Primary Superintendents. As Senior Superintendent of this new entity, he soon became the Offshore Superintendent / Manager for several World Class DP II vessels (DP DSV CSO Marianos and the DP DSV Constructor). In some of the first (at that time) Deepwater Projects in the Gulf of Mexico, Mr. Dingman set several records while in charge of these vessels.

Cal Dive assigned Mr. Dingman as the Primary Project and Offshore Manager on their largest turnkey project, the decommissioning of the Ensearch / EXX GB-388 field located in 2800' fsw. Mr. Dingman's next major position at Cal Dive International, Inc. came when he was appointed the Construction / Project Manager of the company's new build. Mr. Dingman spent over two years in building the vessel now known as the Q4000, a first of its kind and a leader in the industry. The vessel was delivered in mid-2001 within budget and on schedule.

In 2003, Mr. Dingman left Cal Dive International, Inc and took a Senior Project management position with the Oilfields Project Group (OPG) within Oceaneering International, Inc. At Oceaneering, Mr. Dingman was promoted to Assistant General Manager of the OPG IMR group, working and solving everyday deepwater issues in the Gulf of Mexico utilizing two premier IMR vessels known as the Ocean Intervention I & II.

In early 2004, Mr. Dingman was contacted by the largest deepwater contractor in the world - Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) - and signed a contract to provide exclusive in-house services to HMC as their Diving / ROV Specialist / Coordinator for any operations requiring his skill set, world-wide. This was the beginning of Mr. Dingman's private ventures to provide these services on a contract basis.

Although he is the CEO of a number of international companies, Mr. Dingman saw the opportunity to incorporate in Trinidad & Tobago as SSTT Ltd.,, bringing with him the wealth of experience previously disclosed.

On 9 June 2010, SSTT Ltd., was incorporated as the only IMCA Certified ROV Contractor (at that time) in Trinidad & Tobago. Shortly thereafter, SSTT Ltd., was contracted by the likes of BPTT and EOG Resources Trinidad Ltd. Within its first year, SSTT Ltd., had successfully performed jobs for two major clients, thereby carving out a competitive spot as an Oil & Gas Services provider amongst the incumbents in the Trinidad & Tobago market.

SSTT Ltd.,'s commitment to quality, safety and the environment is highlighted by the fact that the company adheres to and is certified with: ISO 9001:2004; ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.


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