The Volantis is a dynamically positioned multi-role subsea construction vessel. Designed for operation in severe weather conditions, the vessel demonstrates high station keeping capability whilst remaining environmentally efficient. The vessel incorporates a 150te Active Heave Compensated subsea crane and is permanently mobilised with an Installer Work Class ROV and Seaeye Panther XT III A Work Class ROV, which can be launched and recovered in high Sea States.The Volantis has an extensive global track record for performing comprehensive construction, installation and trenching projects on a highly productive basis. The spread also includes a 2000te rated carousel to facilitate the installation and/or simultaneous burial of flexible products.In addition to the world’s most powerful jet trencher, the 2.1MW UT-1, which is permanently mobilised on board the vessel, the following equipment can also be fitted as required: Additional Work Class ROV/ Observation ROVs; capacity Stern A Frame, a range of cable ploughs and mechanical trenchers.

Vessel Spread Specification

  • Build: 2007
  • Design: Offshore Construction Vessel
  • Class:
  • LOA: 106,6M
  • LPP: 22M
  • Breadth:
  • Draught:
  • Accommodation: 81 persons
  • High sea state capability
  • Efficient and cost effective trenching and construction support
  • High Station manoeuvrability minimizes environmental impact
  • 2 X in built Work Class Rovs
  • Permanently mobilized with 2.1MV, Jet Trenching ROV, UT-1

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