Olympic Delta

Olympic Delta

The Olympic Delta is a Multipurpose Subsea Support & Construction Vessel, with diesel electric frequency controlled propulsion, highly efficient a zimuth thrusters. Equipped with two Delta SubSea Schilling HD 150 HP work-class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) from DSS’s fleet of ROVs, the Olympic Delta is capable of performing inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) of subsea oil installations and construction support international scope. The vessel is equipped with an active heave compensated subsea crane capable of lifting 80t (900t/m – 30t @ 30meters) and has wire capacity of 2500meters. The Olympic Delta is designed for low fuel consumption and excellent sea – and station-keeping. This is in addition to low noise and vibration in hull and superstructure, which ensures high comfort and safety for the crew. The Olympic Delta is designed according to class and authorities, with high focus on reduced fuel consumption and environmental friendly operations. The vessel has state of the art NOx cleaning system, which is systematically used worldwide with the capability of reducing emissions of NOx up to 95%.

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