Dina Star

Dina Star is a modern and flexible Multipurpose Offshore Vessel built on the MT 6015 design and delivered in 2013. The vessel joined DeepOcean’s Fleet in 2015 and has since gained a large track record including general IMR services, light construction work, well stimulation and survey works. given its large deck and tank capacities, the vessel can also serve as a PSV if required. Dina Star is fitted with a state of the art power distribution system that provides substantial fuel efficiency and lower emissions, especially in DP mode. This, combined with a 150TE AHC crane, helideck and removable cargo rail makes the vessel an effective and versatile workstation.

Vessel Spread Specifications:

  • Build: 2013
  • Design: MT 6015
  • Class: DNV, +1AI, Offshore Service Vessel, +Supply, EO, SF, Dynpos AUTR, Clean Design, Comf-V(2)C(3), DK+, HL(2.5), Naut OSV(A), ICE B, LFL*, OILREC, SPS, DE-ICE
  • LOA:93,80m
  • Breadth: 20,00
  • Draught:10,85m
  • Accomodation: 72 persons
  • Deck Area: 66,8×15,85m (1060M2)
  • Crane: 150 TE AHC Offshore crane with 3000m wire
  • Mezzanine deck for 2 of WROV’S
  • General weather limitation for spread = 4.5MHS

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