Edda Fauna

The state-of-the-art IMR vessel Edda Fauna came into operation in 2008 as the flagship in the DeepOcean IMR fleet. Edda Fauna was designed with special emphasis on providing excellent safety and work conditions on deck with a closed deck hangar. Edda Fauna accommodation and office facilities are of very high standards, creating a good working environment for offshore crew and clients.

Vessel Spread Specifications

  • Build: 2008
  • Design: Subsea IMR and ROV support vessel
  • Class: DNV+1A1, SF, EO, ICE-C, DYNPOS AUTR, ERN 99/99/99, CLEAN DK(+), HL(2,8) LFL*, COMF-C(3) V(3) NAUT OSV(A), HELDK-SH, DE-ICE, PMS, ISM
  • LOA: 108,70m
  • LPP: 96,0m
  • Breadth: 23,00m
  • Draugth: 7,80m
  • Accomodation: 90 persons
  • Offshore Crane: 100Te AHC Offshore crane
  • De-Ice notation with covered  lifeboats, mob boats, bow area and hangar area
  • 60TE module handling system ( MHS)
  • 1 OBS-ROV & 2 WORK-ROV’S
  • LFL
  • Built-in RFP pumps

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